Let’s Create

  Let’s create an environment where we can think freely without any bias. Without any inhibitions or fear of making mistakes, where we all can speak our minds and motives for which we are struggling these days. Let’s plan an excursion in a monthly basis so that a channel of positive energy can be created […]

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Suddenly air is making more sense, Suddenly space is becoming more concentrated, Suddenly music is more enhanced, and the way you look at me, meltdown begins. My search has come to halt, this feeling leaves me ecstatic, You know when the Polaroid developed, and the repercussions melt the world around. For the purpose is more […]

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Politics ain’t simple

Am I wrong, if I want to achieve simplicity? Or I am just another stupid who knows not to do politics I know few things instead, you don’t climb 29,028ft of massive everest with politics. And you don’t achieve greatness even if you are just a feet away No matter what, you have to finish […]

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I assumed we knew where were we headed; In the times of swinging emotions; Desires have the inability to comprehend; The kiss that tore us apart became the reason of many questions. Is it me, is it you or is it both of us combined; Should we know, should we not or leave all behind; […]

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Doobta Ahankaar

Ahankaar hai ki doobta nahi aur bulbule hai ki footte nahi Mallom padta hai ki zid to zid hoti hai chahe paani dhua dhua ho jaaye Aur reh jaaye baaki wo teekhi pyaas jo raah takti hai mausam badal jaane ki Ki kab dhue ke wo lehlehaate anu zid chorne pe aamda ho Aur barse […]

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She loves me…

Days were hungry for the real love, Not the kind of show which ends with claps, A song out of breaths caresses her gently, Dreams are the only proof I have. Gazed her like a madman of outer space, Touched her like the rain after hard day’s labour, Her smile settles my ambitions down, Like […]

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It wasn’t enough.

Story of two friends. Best friends. Deemed to be lifetime buddies. One believes in family. Other believes in everything other than that. A free bird. Without barriers. And surely they achieved what they believed, may be an ounce here and there, but yes they achieved what they set out for. Parted away long time back. […]

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